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First timer slecting hard baits. 10% off at Sportsman Warehouse until May 2nd.

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I've been out of the fishing saddle for a while after having picked it up for only a season a couple of years ago. I was with a friend this weekend at Lake Cumberland KY. After a day of trout fishing with the kids at the hatchery creek we went down below the Dam at sundown.  I had a count down Rappla and my friend was fishing tube worms. We heard the topwater action all around in the dark and I recommend my friend should pull out his one and only topwater lure.  A old Heddon Lucky 13 looking lure white with red snout. Second cast he lands a 24 inch brown trout. Needless to say I went looking for some hard baits today that  would make some noise in the dark.  I know the top water action can be picky at times so I never really invested in any lures.

My first stab came today, Sportsmans Warehouse has a 10% off sale on all tackle until May 2nd. :) Making most of my picks  $3.50-$4.50 each. I would appreciated any comments on the selections.

I tried to stick with the 'classic' lines instead of the new improved versions. Does it make a difference?

I got some spooks and spook puppy instead of super spooks (baby bass and silver shore minnow colors)

I got 2  Chug Bugs in medium and small, I also got one big one that may actually be a saltwater lure. It looked similar to the lure my bud caught the brown trout on. Color 375

I picked up some Rat-L-Traps of various colors. Crome, Silver with Red tip, Brown trout looking one and a chartreuse one

Lastly I got some Norman 'MaD N's  Goby (Watermellon) and Chartruse, and a single Middle N Watermelon just to have since I normally shore fish.

I think the total was about $60.

I normally like to pick up one lure at a time but realizing that I had no respectable hard baits at all outside of spinners and rooster tails really ate at me when I had the opportunity in front of me.   Should I cycle some of these back for other picks/colors?

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Thought I'd add that I plan to be fishing for some KY Bass not usually trout. The Cumberland river happens to be stocked with them so thats how they got involved :)

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