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This is a Bandit 100 series crankbait in "Mad Cow" color. Found this color here a few months back & found it interesting. The nearest BPS store had the color so I bought one.

Casted it about 3 times & on the fourth, had a bass on it. Not a big bass, but sure do like it when a crankbait works! This is a really cool color!


Yesterday I bought the Mann's 1-Minus Elite in baby bass. I've had very good luck using the 2 other Elite colors I have & the baby bass was the next color I wanted.

I caught a couple bass on this lure...I'm really starting to like the minus 1 & gaining confidence in crankbaits. You can just see the lure under the bass, it almost looks like the Mad Cow.


I caught a few more bass on a BPS XPS shallow crankbait in chart shad & a few more on a Bagleys Original in blk/chart.

BTW, I changed out the hooks on both lures & the other Bandits & Minus 1 Elites to VMC short shank trebles.  

But it was dropshotting a 6' Roboworm wacky style that I caught the most bass & 3 of them around 3 lbs!

Might as well enjoy using cranks now, the weeds will start coming up on the surface in the next few weeks. Already some spots on a couple lakes are getting weeds. The cranks will be replaced w/ frogs!!!

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Sounds like that Mad Cow is working!!!

I don't throw lipped crankbaits hardly at all. I might give this one a try next time I chunk one.

Ike :) 8-)

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I got a mad cow 200 series, I felt stupid for buying it but now I do not feel so bad because I know someone actually caught something on it. By the way A fish is a fish no matter how big or small.


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Hey, I am terrible with shallow crankbaits, or fat crankbaits in general  :-/. Can you tell me how you fished it, would love to try learning these baits as I have a few.

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The baby 1- is best fished as a topwater, slow crank.

It floats, so start of with a few twitches,....the bip, bip, BANG theory,...if no ,luck start reeling it slowly.  Mix up the speeds as you keep casting, there is usually one speed that will trigger them if that is the lure they want that day.

Best in the shallows but works in deeper water too, as long as the fish are in the upper 1/2 of the water column.  

I like to think of this as the shorter, fat version of the original floating Rapala.

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