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Mann's Go2 cranks

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Got a couple of the Go2 20+ in from Tackle Warehouse this week.  All I can say is that Mann's must have rushed these to the market after Paul Elias won at Falcon.

The finish of the baits leaves a lot to be desired.  Design-wise they look quite similar to the new Bandit 700 series.  Have not had a chance to fish them.






Both bills are rough.  Quite a few bubbles in this one.


The hook hangers are very rough.  Lots of paint and clear on them.

Disappointed with the hooks as well.  They're on the small side (4's I think) and a bit cheap looking.

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Thanks for posting about these. I've been trying to build up an order of deep cranks for the summer and these were some I had in mind. I'm sure you're right about them rushing the lures out. They did help break the record. Elias must have had to fight them hard to keep his special color from being mass produced though. Let us know how they fish please sir  ;)

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It talks about it in the record breaker video and also on the description on TW. It's a color he had Mann's paint up for him back in the 80's called Ol' Homer. Basically its a version of fire tiger. Chartreuse body with green tiger. I've looked for it from other companies but haven't found it. I also didn't notice it in the video, talks about it but the only color you actually see him tie on is chart/black back  :-/

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One thing about Mann's is if you shoot them an e-mail and describe your problem they will take care of you! They have awesome customer service. I bought a bunch of baby 1's and C-4's last year but it seemed like id catch 1 maybe 2 fish on a single bait and all the paint would come off. I shot them an e-mail just to tell them they may wanna tweak there paint formula. They got in touch with me immediately and took very good care of me i was very impressed with Mann's.

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