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Fish Story.  The Protective Nature of the Water Fowl.

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So I go to one of my local lakes today with two hours to spare before work. I catch three fish, 2 keepers and one dink. But that wasn't the big story.

I catch my last fish and I decide I want to fish a little closer to the point I am at (bank fishing). I see two water fowl and just assume they will fly away when I go over there. But as I approach one starts hissing at me real loud and spreading his wings (these things are huge and have a real big wing span). I'm like what the heck dude...

I walk a bit closer and it goes airborne and starts approaching me flapping his wings above my head! I'm holding my rod in hand, with a crankbait tied on and it gets stuck in the tree next to me and I'm covering my head and face protecting me from the gooses wrath.

He lands next to me and as I start to scramble pulling the rod and the tree branch with me he flies back some.

I grab a stick (not to hit the goose) and shake it to try and get him to back away so I can free my bait. No such luck, line snaps and I lost my crank and couldn't get it out. So happens as I'm doing this I see a nest on the ground with 6 goose eggs, go figure. Now the female is right with the male and both are spread wings, hissing, beak wide open making all kind of noise. I'm not going near their eggs and not trying to mess with them but heck if they don't think so.

All in all I just left it and let them be defending their nests. These things ain't afraid of people let me tell you. I thought pigeons were bad, but dang on. These things were ready to go twelve rounds with me. Crazy what geese will do to protect their unborn. At least I know to steer clear of here until these things hatch. Beautiful geese, but screwed up my fishing spot where I was nailing them today.

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