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Gun Folks,a++++ ebay guy

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I was looking for a holster for my newly aquired Beretta 96,so I looked around on Ebay.I bought a holster from a guy,(user name,Mo.Lakota)(Ebay store,Caldwell gun leathers)I purchased the Southwestern for the 92/96 Beretta.

I saw the guys ads and just felt like buying from this guy, that hand makes Holsters rather than buying from a big name holster co.

I dont generally do this,but thought,this guy makes such OUTSTANDING QUALITY stuff,I have to let you'all know.

If your looking for a high quality,everyday duty type holster,no frills just,quality and fucntionality.This Guy nails it.

I bought the Southwestern,there is no thumb strap or anything to keep the gun in the holster except the fit,the Holsters are leather(extreemly hard leather) they are brushed inside,so your gun will (in my case ) fit really tight,I had to really jam the gun in there and it practicly took two people to get it out.After shoving the gun in it a few times it fits good now.These are molded to fit and are done,Outstandingly..

I've seen a bunch of holsters,when I worked at the gun shop.This guy makes good stuff.. ;)

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