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how fishing has helped me at work

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so...... Im a telemarketer by day. i know you guys all hate us, but we have to make a living. PLUS, i only call bussiness to bussiness calls. SO...... I recently got promoted to a full commission sales rep after only have working the phones for two months....

and besides the fact that Ive called a few tackle companies, a few charter services and a few sporting goods stores and used idle chit chat about fishing to get them to give me the info i needed....

recently i was sitting in my sales class, and i realized how a sales call is just like fishing.......

When were fishing, we have different tools to do different things.

Our baits are all "brushes" and they each make a different mark,

-finese worms are for the slightest working over on a fish.

-crankbaits are for digging up the reactions that you then capitalize on..... ie, finding the pattern.

-buzzbaits are for reaction strikes and aggitating the fish into doing what you want it to (strike)

-topwaters are for pulling the fish in with curiosity

-jigs are for muscling them into biting then, hauling them out of their safezone kicking and screaming..... ect

these all have a part in my sales calls...

-buzzbaits-reaction responses....... when someone argues with me, i through an answer right in their face so they dont have a choice but to do what I want them to.

-finese worms- confidence building responses, I feed you what you want to hear in little doses mixed in with what I want you to do until you see it my way.

-jigs- hard rebuttals- I toss a falacy in your arguement you cant ignore right in front of you, then muscle you into the sale any way I can.

I could go on and on, but long story short...... fishing has made me a beter sales rep. and strangley enough, I go straigt to my real confidence bait on the water in my calls. I "buzz" the buyer with arguements and facts until they bite, that gives me something to work with, a notch in their argument I can latch onto and exploit!

Its freakin awesome, when I look at my rebuttal sheets tacked to the sides of my booths, I dont see:   Rebuttal 1-situation:...blah blahblah.... I see a power worm...... lol   or a Rebel Popper.... It made my training SO much easier ;D

so if you've read through this all, heres something to reward you..... if a telemarketer calls you at work, or at home....   NEVER HANG UP ON THEM INSTANTLY.... to us that means call back, they dont know who was calling.

unless its a collections call & u owe someone $$$.... ask them who they are calling with, and what their name is..... then POLIETLY ask them to take your number off their call list. They should say "yes sir, you have a nice day."    If they dont, then ask them a bit more firmly, then leave it at that. If they call back again. Then get their info......confirm its the same company, and ask for a supervisor, you might just be on your way to court to earn some $.

thanks for listening. I thought it was exciting but Im a loser!

btw: the national do not call list exepmts the following.....:

-calls to any number listed as a bussiness-home bussinesses included.

-calls from non-profit organizations

-calls to persons who have had a "recent business relationship with a company."     ex: if goodyear calls you, its because u had a car serviced at one of their locations, or bc you bought tires from them....

so just relax next time they call..... let them spit out their name, company, and why they are calling, then tell them to drop your number.... then smash down the phone! ;D  

----->dont tell my boss! ;)

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I got a call on St Pattys day this year at 11:30pm and i was uhh...slightly drunk...and the lady was selling personal injury insurance and I went on for 15 minutes about how I was scared I might lose a leg at work and it had happened to a friend and would it cover me...i couldnt keep a straight face and finally told her I was full of it. She laughed. Was that mean?  ;D

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i once told a guy trying to sell me a newspaper subscription that i couldnt read, i was very serious and he wouldnt believe me!!  he thought it was rather funny that i couldnt read.  then he started going on about how newspapers did not use difficult words and such and they were easy to read.  i got a good laugh out of it.


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Whenever I have a telemarketer call my house this is what I do:

I tell them to hang on one second I am right in the middle of something important. Then I put the phone on speaker and cue up a scene from an adult oriented film and turn the volume up ALL the way.


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Thats cool that you used something you love doing to help you get learn something. Usually when i get a telemarketer i start speaking Spanish and hang up  :-/.

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How people can fall for you guys is beyond me. To be honest with out being rude.....I hang up on you guys everyday. Work in purchasing at my local hospital and some of the crap that comes out of peoples mouths is down right hilarous.

Like I'm really going to believe that you guys really give a crap about my day and blah blah blah.

If I had a dime for every person that called me about "their toners" being superior to blah blah blah I would be rich. ;D

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haha.... good stories all around, heres the problems:

I CAN label your call spanish speaking only, and in a few weeks you'll be very confused when a spanish woman calls you!

and I will say this, I actually do care about peoples day.... Ive broken the rules a number of times because if I want you to listen to me, I have to respect you.....

plus, I call businesses only.... and I actually do believe in what I call for..... so that helps........ but for the most part, the average joe telemarketer is an *** who wont work that job for more than a few weeks...

if you want a trip, collections callers! WOW..... theyre freakin rude! :(

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