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Back From Allegheny Echoes Music Camp - Videos

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Hey guys,

I've been out for a week at a music camp held every June in Pocahontas County, WV, about 3 hours from where I live. I didn't get to do a whole lot of fishing, but I had a great time meeting up with new and old friends and playing bluegrass. The highlight of the camp for me was the wild meat cookout they host on Wednesday night of the week. It's an evening full of picking and eating wild game (venison, deep fried turkey, lamb, bear, and more). I had guitar lessons every day and was able to jam with several people.

Here are some videos if you guys are interested. If you don't care for bluegrass, you'll hate these videos ;)

Be sure to select the high quality option under the videos, they show up much better.

That's the song "If That's The Way You Feel."

I'm the 17 year old, extremely handsome bachelor playing the vintage Gibson J-50. 8-)

Here's the next video.


This is the student concert, held on the Thursday of the week. I'm singing lead on this song, and it's called "I Wonder Where You Are Tonight".

Thanks guys!


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Looks like you had fun, you wouldn't catch me up on a stage in front of alot of people :-/.

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