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Live near Yellowstone?

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I have seen some cool shows and read some material on this over the last couple of years.

The gist is, yes it is overdue based on the geologic record. Geologicially speaking we could have one anytime. Course, since is it geologically speaking, that could be tonight or 4,000 yrs from now.

Also, we generally do not know enough to really say whether the land raising, dropping, bulging, etc is even unusual much less a sign of an impending eruption.

If it did erupt though, dang. Being in the park would be a good thing. You would be spared a ton of absolutely misery that at least 1/2 of the US would suffer. especially folks in the midwest.

So I would not sweat it too much, but it really is fascinating though. Good links. I could not find them but discovery and national geographic had some really cool article on it before.

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"In August of 2003 a new high-resolution sonar map of the bottom of Yellowstone Lake showed a bulge, or "inflated plain" there that was 2000 feet long and 100 feet high. Was it being pushed up by hydrothermal or even volcanic forces?"

Who cares what caused it - it sounds like a decent piece of structure  ;D

P.S. I went on a snowmobiling trip through Yellowstone a few years ago that was just beautiful. There are restrictions on speed and emissions so we weren't going crazy, but the amount, quality, and beauty of the wildlife there is just unbelievable. Elk and bison everywhere.

P.P.S. There's no use worrying about the eruption. There's nothing we can do to prevent it, and we'll be screwed if it happens, so why worry?

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Fourbizz is currently stocking up his shelter.....

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