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TRON: Legacy

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Caught a 3D showing over the weekend - and I have been ultra-stoked all year waiting for this release. 

I have to say I'm pretty disappointed. 

First of all - I'm not at all a movie snob, but I really expected better

The character interaction had all the depth of a preschool playground - by the end of the film you still don't really have much of an idea who any of these people really are.....or even care. 

The dialog is obviously an afterthought.  I could almost see the boardroom - - after Disney dropping an immense amount of cash and time in the CGI and spectacular imagery saying..."Oh yeah, I guess we should probably throw a few actors in there and give them a few lines.  Anything will do."

That's it...that's the only thing cool about the entire movie - - spectacular imagery.  Don't get me wrong....this stuff is an art form and whoever was involved did some exemplary work for sure.  (Also worth noting that the film score was fantastic....I expected as much from Daft Punk.)

I would be embarrassed to hand a script this bad over to someone like Jeff Bridges.  It just bores me now to watch this crap....like Avatar all over again.

And the story?  Basically just Bridges babbling on and on about some sort of "digital frontier" (never really explained) as he and his son (played by some painfully lame actor) try to save the world (with Bridges' super-twee sidekick). 

Bleh....I never do movie reviews, but my disgruntledness demanded I say something.   


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Thank god I was watching this movie with my girlfriend so I was able to makeout for the last 30 minutes of the movie. It was so freaking boring!

I agree the movie sucked.

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