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Running My first Fishing Tournament--Any Advice?

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I have been "called" to have a fishing tournament...so I put in all the papers, and they were accepted. Having fished pretty many tournaments, and a few years on the Fishers of Men trail, I have a general idea of what to do. The only reason I posted here was to just get any tournament directors ideas, or pit falls to avoid. The fishing tournament is related to church....name is Bass For Christ. I am not asking for discussion on that, just for things that relate to the tournament. This may limit people to enter, but it is for all, and that will be the point of the tournament, to fish and create new fellowship with guys/gals you may have not met before. I will keep it simple. Just a few questions: You can respond to whichever moves you.

1. Others ask a 50-60$ entry fee for boat.

2. 10$ Lunker fee.

3. 50/50- to be split with boat, and the other half for a "cause" program that the tournament will support.

4. Payout how many places?

5. Scale--have looked at a few ( CentralCarolina Scale Co. I think)

- the wash down type.

6. Sign Up sheet---have seen other tournaments---a generic form some of you may have---that could be adapted by me?

7. Sponsors- was hoping to get a few smaller...maybe a few door prizes?

8. Weight board and magnets for all anglers for totals weighed.

9. A checking account just for the tournament series.

- for sent in entry forms, etc....

- cash only at /on the day of the event.

9. Anything You suggest??

I do go to tournaments that a a bit far from my house, and can be costly, so I wanted to have something close to home, and that could both be a fishing tournament, and a way to create new "relationships"

I will not be fishing I think....due to all that needs done.

*** Figured this is the place for TOURNAMENT question.


Thanks for anything you may offer.

Like I said...I was moved to have a fishing tournament, and this is the road I am traveling to. Thanks so much for anything you may have to offer. I know it will not be easy, but I felt led to this.

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Thanks-  I post here (tournament) just to see what I may be doing well, and something I may have missed.  I talked to a guy from DE and he said be sure to have lots of help, which I have 4-5 guys helping so far.  I am excited, and am very excited about the undertaking of running a tournament.  I have enjoyed others hard work, and feel the call to try and return the favor....we shall see.  Thanks for the response.  I hope others let me know what they think.


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