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Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing Top 12

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With one more tournament to go it seems like Evergreen (B. Smith) from the forum is far ahead of the Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing League! Overall B. Smith is 170th place for the whole of the Fantasy Fishing Game. I'd like to congratulate B. Smith for a great season.

Its a tight race for 2nd, less than a 100 points difference exist between 2nd and 6th place. Only the Champion's Choice at Oneida Lake remains. Good luck to all.

      Entry Name, Name                  Points % Ranking

1      Evergreen, B. Smith                   9202        99.6

2      TopWater, P. Orne                   8978       97.2

3      Bassin5013, s. johnston             8954       96.8

4      SE_FL_Bassaddict, R. Perez             8919          96.0

5      Catfishking2010, Z. Buchanan   8877       94.8

6      pondpro, A. Doll                         8873       94.7

-      Speed Worm, C. Kottar             8873       94.7

8      basslove-em, C. Prochaska             8829       93.4

9      Hoytman#1, S. WELLS             8801       92.4

10      Eddy V., E. Velazquez                   8798       92.2

11      Team Quill, J. Quill                   8729       89.2

12      bigheadbert, B. Petrie                   8681       86.7

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