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Club Point System

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Our club is looking at converting to a point system to better choose the 12 fisherman to compete in our annual NCCC (Northern California Club Classic). Currently we do not use a point system and sometimes the choosing gets to be a popularity contest. We want to try something better. However we have some questions that aren't easily answered.

1. Do we have to keep track of points for boaters vs non-boaters?

2. How do we handle it if sometimes you go as a boater, and sometimes you go as a NB?

3. Can we still fish as a team, or is it individual points?

4. If we make it "individual" how do we make sure the boater doesn't keep the NB away from the good water?

These are just some of the questions, but I know there are clubs that use a point system, so just want to hear back on how you run it.

Any and all inputs are greatly appreciated!!


Mike Lofstedt....West Valley Bassmasters of Tracy, CA.

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In our club we use a point system both for individual tournaments as well as year-end standings.  We do "paper" tournaments (catch, measure, release).  All fish must be at least 12" to be a keeper and the points go up progressively as the size goes up.  We all use the same kind of measuring board to keep things even.  All fish are measured to the 1/2" up to 15" and then measured to the 1/8", but only the 1/2 inch is awarded points (e.g. 15" vs. 15 1/2").

"Fish points" are used to determine placement in the tournament, but "Finish points" are used to determine standings (e.g. -- 1st place gets 100 points, 2nd place gets 95, 3rd gets 90 down to the 15th place and then everyone gets 10 points for participation).  We fish 7 tournaments and count the best 5 for year end standings.

As for boathers vs. non-boaters, we have two tournament series - in one the boathers and non-boaters are tracked seperately.  For the other all participants fish individually, but we do have a rule that says the non-boater gets "control of the water" (that is can determine where to fish) for half of the tournament day.  The rule also says that the non-boater can fish from the front of the boat for half of the day, but this does not necessarily mean run the TM or that the boater has to go to the back.  This is intended to cut down on getting "front ended", but doesn't always work.

We are going to toy around with the concept of "heavy boat" this year to track the combined points for boater and non-boater, but we are still working out the bugs of this one.

We don't really have a "classic" type event but did have an informal tourney this year where anyone who finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd for any tournament for the year was allowed to fish.

If you want to know more, PM me or check out our website - smallboatbassclub.com

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I sent a PM to you.

Please keep it to yourself.



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