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New Central IN Club

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I have not even began anything like that.  I wanted to look for interest.  Also, as far as rules and amount of boats I really would like to run the club in such a manner that we all vote on such things.  I want it to be a team club not my club.  I know that I would like to fish some of the local reservoirs we could do Kokomo, Mississnwea, maybe Salamonie (yuck), go up hit Maxi, and some of the lake up in kosciusko county.  I also would like to fish at least one more exotic location (for central IN folk) like Patoka or maybe even Kentucky lake or just something out of the norm for us.  This trip could be an overnight trip if everyone wants to.  I also realize the trips need to be affordable for everyone in the club so I dont want to get too crazy.  The classic will be a two day event drawn from everywhere we have already fished.  If there is a place the club does not want to refish or if a place is not fit to fish (water level or anything else) it will be pulled before we draw for the classic.  I just have an idea.  I want help from everyone who want to join to make the rules.  Two other thing:  I would like to keep the club to a reasonable number of boats because I IN has some laws at a certain number of boat I believe either 10 or 15 you have to get a permit.  Also I want to pay to get into all tournaments but I want it to be affordable for everyone and friendly.  I want thinking probably 5 or 10 bucks per person to get into a tourney.  We could figure out if part of our dues would go to the classic or if we would take a certain % out for the classic at every tourney.  Sorry I rambled just trying to give you an idea about what I am thinking.  Where are you out of??

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I know you are looking to start your own club but our club only has 11 boaters and 22 members.  It is hit and miss as far as who shows up but for the most part we are always looking for new members.  Check us out if you haven't already.  We have a nice website, forum, sponsors, we do a casting kids even each march usually at gander mtn.  Our 2008 schedule is posted already and we are having an open team tournament the weekend before the speedway bass masters at Geist.  We only have one meeting in the winter months and we vote on everything because it is a club collective.  Our bylaws can be seen along with past photos on the website.  We fish bass and flw top 8's.  If you have any other questions let me know.  Send me a pm or just check out our website.  


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