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Iowa Clubs?

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no, no I didn't say Iowa Cubs  :P  I want to know if there are any bass clubs around here? I've been fishing since I could walk, and my Lifetime Fishing Partner (My Grandfather) died about 2 years ago and I haven't fished since. Most of the time it hurts my heart to think about going back on the water without him.

I thought maybe this year I'd give it ago (after my wife talked me up all winter) Only problem is I actually don't really know anyone that fishes, little own has the full blown passion I have for tackle, fish, and overall obsession I have (had) for everything fishing. These last few months reading these forums and watching t.v has been good ( and Hard) for me. I know though he would want me to go back, but even now writing this I choke up.

Basically I'm 29 live in Des Moines, Married with a beautiful little girl (hope to take her fishing soon) and wondered if there might be anyone out there who like to fish around here.

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i am also from iowa but i dont tourney fish

i would message pondhopper i think thats his screenname he is a mod with a iowa forum and they are starting a tourney to fish some lakes in ur area i think theres a few others i cant think of off the top of my head

im sure pondhopper can help out more then me

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I know the American Bass Anglers (ABA) have a couple of Iowa districts. One fishes just north of Davenport in Leclaire. Another is down at Burlington or Fort Madison and I think there is a third up around Bellevue. All three fish the Mississippi river on different pools. It isn't too far of a drive from Des Moines.

JT Bagwell

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There is a club that fishes out of Des Moines, but I don't personally know any of the members - one of the guys in my club does, I will try to get a contact for you and PM the information.

In exchange you will need to give me a fishing report when we get close to our tournament at Badger Creek later this year ;)

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