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I am looking for a great club in NoVa where I feel like Im not a jackass trying to fish against a bunch of guys that really don't like the new guys who are not in their "click" I know that is a long sentence but i didn't know how to downgrade it. I just get tired of fishing tournaments where there are so many people fishing them that they just over look the new guy and don't want to help/pass-on any info on anything. I fish alot of the big money tourneys just so "IF" I win I can just take my money and walk away like I'm better then them. But in all reality I would like to be in a club that is all about fun fishing and big money... I know that is hard to find but maybe there is one out there.

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Hi Nitro Man,

Check out the New Horizon Bass Anglers.


I've been a member now for a couple years and you won't find a better group of guys to fish with.  We are all about having fun and teaching others to fish.   We fish two weekend tournaments each month, one home (Leesylvania) and the other away (Buggs, Chick, Gaston, James, SML, Lake Anna, etc.)  We fish both Sat and Sun but you don't have to fish both days as only the best day counts.  This works out well for people that can't one day or the other.  Like I said, we are about fun.  The tournament fee is $6.00 for both days so it won't break the bank.  Expenses are shared evenly between the boater and the non-boater.      

 Please take the time to look at our site and check out the pictures.

You will also note that we have a philanthrpic side.  We host two kids fishing derbies each summer at Lake Fairfax.  We just host a derby last weekend and all of the kids (250+) had a great time.  The parents were amazed that there is still something a family can do together that doesn't cost them anything.  

Needless to say, I'm very proud of my club.  Please consider it.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.



NHBA Treasurer

Check us out.  You won't be disappointed.

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