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A Really Good Day

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Well, this story is from Friday.

I went out with my dad to a local pond on a High Blue sky , windy day, at a grassy lake. Didn't seem like too good of conditions to me. But man was I wrong. We took out my boat and headed out. I was throwing a yellow and black Rat-L-Trap near a creek channel and some grass beds. I had been throwin it for a while, with various retrieves. One cast, facing along the edge of the creek channel, burning and stopping my Rat-L-Trap, this pig hit me. I was like "Good fish," i was fairly calm ;), cause i hadn't even seen her yet and didn't know how big it was. So I see the fish swirl and jump and then i got excited, along with my dad.

It ended up being easily over 5 lbs, so we're gonna say a 6 pounder ( maybe 6 1/2). The day went on with me catching 3 little dinks on topwaters and one more nice fish on the Rat-L-Trap. The second good fish was about a 3 pounder. I wooped my pappy  ;D

This is the lead-in to the thread I really was planning on starting. Notice my terminology" pig, dink" I know most people kinda classify there fish weights, whether subconsciously or not.  I have it down to a system of the way my friends and I rank our fish, lol, just for fun...

under 12" --------Dink

over 12" or 14" --Keep

2-3 pounds--------Piglet

4-7 pounds--------Pig

8 and above-------Hoss, Sow, Monster whatever

So basically thats how it lays out. If Senko77 has any adjustments I'm sure he will post them. And also, post if you have your own system of words or whatever.

"Dude, you won't believe it! I caught this pig... she's probably about 6 pounds. "

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Piglet! HAHA.

Mike you got it all wrong, it's not a dink...its a peanut. LOL.

when you gonna show me the pics

under 12": peanut

12" - 14": keeps

2-4lbs: dern nice fish


6-9lbs: PIGLET

10+:  ......DADBURN!!!!

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Glad to hear you got out with your dad but I'm sure he let you win,....it's what dad's do! ;)

You're his little piglet  :)

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under 12": peanut

Well, then I've caught several nuts.....  ;D

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