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So much for my Aunts pond

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Funny you should ask. Last Memorial day I was at an aunt's house in Ohio. She has a small pond, I mean SMALL less than 1 acre, across the street from her house. I fished it for almost 3 hours, and caught 17 bass ranging from about 5 inches, all the way up to several that were in the 2-3 lb range. In the first 5 casts, I caught 5 fish. One of the best holes I've found yet. I have caught bigger bass, but this time was the funnest!

I am going to be there tomorrow, and hope to catch some nice bass, and take alot of pics too. I'll post them either tomorrow night, or Saturday evening.

I was there today, and only got 2 bass. Considering the conditions, it was a decent day though. A cold front blew in this morning, and it rained most of the morning, and some of the afternoon too. I started pitching a blk/blue jig with a blk swimming trailer with blue flecks into reeds that were bordering the pond. I had 2 good bites with that jig, but missed them both. I then decided to try a smaller jig that is a camo green color, rigged with a crawfish trailer. I missed a couple with that jig as well, and then I got an app. 16oz bass. After a couple more missed bass, I hooked another LM a little bit bigger. I missed about 7 bass in that 2hours that I fished the pond, which stinks, but it was better to have gotten bit and missed, than never to have been biten at all. I didn't bother with pics because they weren't picture worthy IMO. Maybe tomorrow.......

I forgot to mention,  I caught both bass on my new Fenwick 7'MH Flippin' stick.  I can't believe how sensitive these higher end rods really are.  Put it this way, When using the crawfish trailer, I felt a bite, and tried to set the hook too early.  When I inspected the jig, I noticed something odd, the fish had bit the plastic pinchers off of the trailer, and I felt it.  Not bad IMO.

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I did not read it, sorry.

In my experience the more the bass see the same worm hitting the water, and their buddies getting pulled from the water, they realize something is up, and get stressed.  Going back even a week later, and using the same bait, will yield minimal results.  When I went to her place on memorial day, all I threw was YUM 7.5in ribbon tails, and storm ribbon tails.  After a while, I think the bass more or less put 2 and 2 together, and stayed away from those curly tailed worms.  Today I tried a few reaction baits, senkos, and a topwater, but they wanted a slow smack dab on the bottom presentaion with a jig.  I also found that the bass only held to the reeds on the downwind side of the pond.  

 And if the pond your describing is really that small, chances are there aren't too many big bass in the pond.  They knew what was up.  When that happens, you have to flip everything around.  Downsize, use lures you haven't thrown there before.  Be stealthy, quiet, and focused.  

You don't happen to live in Lisbon do you?  Ohio has alot of small ponds in it.  I kept wantint to stop and fish the ponds, but I wasn't driving. :(

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Shorten your trailers and sharpen the hooks on those jigs.  You should never miss that many fish with a jig.  It's a rare case that they don't inhale it.  Jigs are one of the best "hook up:hit" ratio baits out there.  Check your stuff.  Also, be sure to use nothing less than a MH rod.  Just my .02  

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Thanks for the tips LBH.  I think with what you said, I missed them because they were only nipping at the jig.  After the one bass took the plasic pinchers off the craw trailer, the jig basically looked like a plan jig, but the hook shank was covered with the craw.  I had the craw rigged like a grub, so after the pinchers were gone there wasn't much of a trailer left.  I think I was setting the hook to early.  The skirt doesn't extend past the hook more than 1/8 of an inch.  I was also using a 7" Fenwich MH rod.  So I think they must have just been nipping at it.  But, then again a few times I know for sure they were swimming with it, and Id set the hook and miss.  I have 2 hook hones, so there is no excuse either.  Now I am prepared for the next time.

 If I am missing fish tomorrow, I am sharpening the jig.  Thanks LBH!


crude drawing of the jig I was using.  

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"A cold front blew in this morning, and it rained most of the morning, and some of the afternoon too."

I think this may have had more of an impact on your fishing success than your baits.

The bass may have already finished feeding and were suspended in the middle of the pond, really not interested in your presentation.

The smaller bass would then be looking for some tasty morsels after the bigger bass had finished feeding.

Just my thought.

And glad to know you love your new Fenwick rod.  I was thinking of getting another G. Loomis but I will check out the Fenwicks, too.

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