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Disaster of a Trip.  LOL

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My buddy and I manage to screw it all up today.  Here's the tally:

  •  Hitch pin fell out (or was never inserted), dropping the trailer on the way to the ramp
  •  Boat proceeded to put a nice dent / scratch in his shiny 2005 Frontier tailgate since this was used to stop the boat
  •  Brand new drain plug was found to be faulty - once we got to the river
  •  Motor ran us up the river fine, then refused to start again
  •  I fell in the water trying to load the boat
  •  Didn't catch anything but a stiff breeze

Lucky for us...

  • Some nice folks saw our trailer trouble and ran to get us a new pin
  • I was able to jury rig the drain plug
  • We decided to run upstream instead of down
  • When I fell in water was only knee deep


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Well, as the saying goes..."a bad day of fishing is a whole lot better than a good day of work" ;D

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About a year ago I loaded up and got to the lake and proceeded to put in the plug when suddenly I could not find the blasted thing! I had to go all the way to town and pick up a plug and then drive back. About a month ago I was cleaning the boat and the plug magically reappeared! Now I have 2. :-?

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