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A Fun 2 Days

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Well guys yesterday morning I woke up to Shaw Grigsby on the televison and I sat there and watched him fish until I coudnt stand it any longer.  So I got my little nephew up and dressed and we went down to the church pond by our house.  There are tons of yearling bass in there in the 1 pound range so I tied us on some rooster tails figuring we could have more fun since we could probably catch more.  Well we caught a ton of those little guys, or well actually he did haha he totally outfished me and he loved every bit of it.  And then this morning me and my friend went to his pond and I outfished him 4 to zip.  Nothing large though the biggest one may have pushed 3 lbs but it was fun out there on the water listening to a turkey gobbling his head off.  And then today when I got home I walked down to our pond and got a big suprise.  About 2 years ago I put maybe 15 bass in our pond all in between 1lb and 2lbs and I didnt think any of them had made it since i watched the catfish literally knock the bass out of the water but today i seen probably 25 bass about 8-10 inches long so I am happy that some of the bass I put in made it and that they are rasing in our pond so I have had a pretty darn good weekend not to mention I got to see David Cooler in concert again.  If none of u guys know who David Cooler is you should look him up all of his songs are true stories and are awessome.  Well until next trip tight lines you guys.


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