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Fishing with Davis - Pic of PB!

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Had a blast this past Tuesday as I finally hit a nice Large in the pond behind the house (1st 2 pic's)... the monster I have been trying to land (hooked Monday evening... stupid 4lb and a 4'8" Ugly stick didn't help), but wasn't ready to catch her as I took my daughter down for some pans.  Met up with Davis later in the day to do some fishing in lucky stretch of the Catt Creek (photos below) - Thanks Brett for a new stretch to fish this summer!



Fishing with Davis





Davis' Hole


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No prob man! It was a great time. Seems like when the creek slows down the bigger ones really start hittin hard in some of those shallow pools. A week or so and it will be prime for those big spawners settling in. Seems like the third and final weeks of May are always hot for some nice smallies. May have to wait a bit with rain being forcasted for the next week though. :(

Heres to you landing that big LM in back though!  

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Definitely a blast.  Creek was up a little, and a bit murky, so I decided to head back to the pond to attempt to get the big girl.  Had an awesome outing hitting 7 largemouth on 4" Strokin' Toad - Green Pumpkin Pearl Belly from http://www.*.com.  My personal best at 18" 3.8lbs... and this one was swimming with the big girl.  

Saw her first swimming around some downed trees and tossed the toad landing just before the log about 3-5 feet in front of her.  Gave it a little jerk when it hit the water and watched her looked at it.  She began to swim past so I decided to give it a little pop, and BAM! this one came from the other side and just destroyed it.  Maybe one of these days the big girl will finally decide to hit, and hopefully I can not lose her this time  ;D



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