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Silly Snake, Tubes are for Bass!!!

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So, I know this is dumb, but I just had to share this story with you guys. I took a few hours of down time sunday and went to the lake around sundown, just intending to toss a few casts into the lilly pads and see what happened.    

As always, my favorite bank fishing spot was being used by novice weekend anglers, and I politely asked if theyd mind me fishing "in" the lilly pads, of course they were really stunned when I chucked my frog into the thick of it. I took a half hour or so and explained the idea as we fished, got to be really friendly chit chat.

Then kinda suddenly the guy warns me...... "Oh by the way, watch out for the snake!!!!"     I fish this ratty little lilly pad filled 88acre lake all the time, and the black snakes that swim around in it are nothing new to me. So I didnt think twice.

Im chucking this custom rigged tube bait with a roboworm for a tail around the pads when I hang it up on a big chuck of roots, I pull twice and it pops free, flys thro the air and lands about five feet out from me in about 2 feet of water, and this HUGE black snake comes flying outta the pads after it...... I freeze.      The snake was about 3feet long(big for this part of Ohio in an sub-burban area) and it just pokes its head up and stares at me. I of course not wanting to extract my hook from a snake just try and scare it off, but it wont budge!!!!

I swing my rod tip at it, yell at it, toss pebles at it (which it tried to strike at) I even resorted to throwing a rather large stick at it, but it wouldnt go away. So finally, I jerked back hard on my rod tip, and the tube smacks the snake in the head and comes hurtling up on shore. The snake takes off into the pads.

About three mins later, the idiot came back for more!!!!! I was amazed, If i was about to eat a big juicy lambchop and it suddenly smacked me in the face, Im gunna run the other way and never come back!!!!!!!     But no! this guy wanted more..... this time im throwing a PopR. So i jerk hard again, the snake gets sprayed in the face with water, and he takes off down the shoreline towards my new friends. This guy next to me says, "Hey, thats going to be dinner!!!" in his thick british accent(didnt ask where he was from or why he was in ohio!)

So he tries to take off after it along the shore, throwing rocks, sticks, even stabbing with his rod tip at it. These three old women on the dock a ways down flipped out when they saw the snake running and no joke one of them threw thier whole tub of nightcrawlers, lid, worms, dirt and all at it, smacked the snake square in the head, and that was the last we saw of it.

Has anyone else ever had an expierence like this!?!??!?!     I thought that snake woulda made tracks the other way after getting whacked in the head!

All in all tho, I had a GREAT time fishing with those folks!      Heres one to all the people who make our fishing stories all that much more entertaining!  

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LOL, that was a good read. I have never had a snake bother me a second time, they usually go away after i bother them for a minute or two.

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