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tournement day

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We had a lil Saturday tournement today. We only had 12 boats but its still fun. Its mostly for braggin rights but we do put up a lil money. It starts at safe light and ends at 1 o'clock. The morning started out ruff for me and my partner. I missed a good 4 1/2 to 5 lb bass on the rage tail frog. I swear down here you can live or die by the frog. Its a great tool at times and then at others it can break you of all your confidence.

The fish were active I just couldn't land one in the boat. It took me 3 hours to finaly catch a bass. I had already caught a few redfish wich aggravated me more. We ran from spot to spot with lil success. We had 3 fish in the boat, 1 descent 3 lber and the other 2 dinks. Finally I caught my first keeper bass. It felt good. Not a good one but descent.

It seemed like every place I ran to there was a boat anchored at each

one. Down here we have a series of a bunch of small lakes with tide changes. With all this water there is still no secret spots.

We started to catch a few fish. No giants. I said live or die by the frog. Well we died. We were getting some good strikes on it but were missing more than we caught. I got tired of missing fish so I switched baits. I started throwing a weightless senko. I started catching more fish but they were all minnows. I threw a jig and missed one. Then the brush hog with not even a sniff. So i stayed with the frog on a bright sunny day.

Finally it was time to go. We had struggled all day only catching 12 to 15 fish all in the 2 lb range. Not a bad fishing trip but not enough to win. We had just under 13 lbs. Once we got to the dock we were relieved to hear others had struggled but they didnt struggle enough. 15 1/2 won with a 5.6 lb kicker. 3 others in the 14 lb mark. This was a bad day for an area that usualy takes 16 to 18 lbs to win.

I guess we didnt do all that bad 5th out of 12. they did have some boats that had not even weighed in. I'll never understand not weighing in. You just never know what the other person has, right? Well we had fun no matter what an thats all that matters anyway. The day was well spent.

Just thought I'd share a lil of what goes on here in the south. :D


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