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Pretty Good Day on St. Mary's Lake. (pics)

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drove down to St. Marys lake today, the biggest body of freshwater around here (besides the potomac river).

we had a pretty good day. first we went into this creek, my dad was throwning a 5" *** (shimmer sahd) and hooked up with a small pickerel, about a foot long but it got off right at the boat (thankfully! ;D). a few minutes later he hooked up with a bass:


i was throwing a *, but i wasnt getting hit so i changed over to what my dad was using. a few minuts after that, i hooked this HUGE fish that put up a super fight...for about 2 seconds...then it got off. i was pretty upset. but then 5 minutes later, i hooked the same fish, and landed it. it felt like about a 6 or 7 lb bass, but it was an 18 inch pickerel :-/. but it was my PB pickerel :) and it put up the best fight i have had since my 7lb PB bass.


we stayed in that creek a little longer and my dad ended up with 2 bass there, and i got 3 bass (plus the pickerel).

here is one of the bass my dad caught:


and the biggest bass of the day:


then the fishing got really slow. almost an hour and a half with no bites. we left that creek and went to a different one and were fishing a cove in there when i got a 12" pickerel.

so all in all it was a good day, i caught 3 bass 2 pickerel, my dad caught 2 bass hooked one pickerel.

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