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Staff Sergeant--USMC

Weekend Fishing Report

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Well.....I did pretty dag on good this weekend!! The first morning (Saturday) I caught 6 that morning off of topwater and my favorite Spinnerbait! Couldn't fish all day because it was a family camping trip (courtsey of me and my PONTOON) so I had to go out tooling around with my wife and her family during the day. Had to do the whole boat riding, tubing, swimming deal. I took my son out that evening and I caught 2. Only fished for about an hour and a half before I got the call that I needed to run the wifeys sister and mom to the dock! >:( Between gettin my evening trip cut short and battling against 25 mph winds; in a 21.7' Suntracker Fishing Barge Pontoon; with a small Motor Guide 54 lbs thrust trolling motor, I still had a blast!!!!! I got up at 0500 (5:00 am) on Sunday and planned on burning up the water, wouldn't you know it---WIND!!!!!! >:( I said screw it and went back to bed!!! ;D The wind had calmed down around noon, I hit the water, threw some trusty white spinnerbaits off main points that had plenty of weeds in the water and caught 5 with in a matter of an hour!!! The wind never completly calmed down, the lowest it got was to about 15 mph, but I fished on those wind blown points off the main channels and did really good, IMO! The wind picked up to about 30 MPH and cut my fishing short. I know that I've rambled on, but I just wanted to report that because of the folks here at this site who helped me out and gave me advice; I was able to formulate a stratagey, was able to make changes in my fishing plans as the conditions changed, and was able to have some pretty good sucess! So thank you to all that threw out some info and advice to this rookie!!!!!

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