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Another successful day on Clear Lake, Ca.!

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Got out pretty decently, early.  Hit the lake at around 9:45 a.m., and had very little luck, when we got there, until about 1 p.m..  My father in law landed 3, 1-2lbers on drop shot, with a watermelon candy finesse worm.  We ran all over the place near lakeport, and back to konocti harbor.  Before we went back to the boat ramp, I wanted to hit, "cat fish alley" so we did.  Went all the way to the back with a crank bait, and nothing, had had nothing all day on it, too many weeds, and just a couple followers.  

Switched to a watermelon metallic red flake, and hit a patch of duck weed, where I got a blow up!  Weird as heck!  So I switch to my bait caster, and a lime green frog, with white belly.  BOOM!  Same fish, big blow up.  I got nothing else there, moved to the other side, and threw about 45 times, burning the surface once, then slowly pulling across the surface, and BOOM!  Again I am surprised to see this...  Most action this frog has seen, in the last season!  Caught nothing on it last, but then again, I bought it last season, too!  I got nothing else, so we docked up, and loaded the boat, but just before that, I casted about 10 times off the dock.

BOOM!  Again, just as the lure hits the water, couldn't even set the reel in motion to set it, so I grabbed the line in the spool, and set the hook...  Or so I thought.  The fish spit it out, and I got jacked into a load of weeds.  Alls good!  I throw is a few more times, and get a smaller boil on it, but no serious action.  Nothing else, loaded the poles, and came home.  

All in all, I think it was a great day, spent with the father in law.  Got to know him a little better.  He is my favorite fishing buddy, as he doesn't talk all that much crap, about who, or whoever doesn't catch the most fish.  It's cool,  because we joked a lot, and had a great day.  Hope it's better next time!  Need me a hog this year!  Or a toad, as others call it!  ;)  Thanks for reading my experience!  Enjoy!

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