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moby bass

Success with Gulp Alive leeches

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Walked up to the local pond this evening.  Only took 1 rod, a pink 1/8 jig and some Gulp Alive leeches.  I wasn't sure how well this was going to work since the pond is very weedy right now but I thought maybe I could swim the leech just under the surface and above the weeds. It worked quite well.  Caught 5 bass in less than 1 hour. None were real big but they were all fun to catch.  They hit the jig quickly and fairly hard. The only problem was I lost 4 leeches, 2 to the bass and 2 to bluegills that that were very aggressive towards them.  Even though Gulp says they are a very sturdy bait, especially when it comes to gills, when that bluegill has the leech in his mouth, don't try and rip it out, you'll pull the back half of the bait off.  Unfortunately with this loss rate, makes the Gulp stuff more expensive than Senkos :'(

Caught a nice Striped bass on Pymatuning last week as well with a 3"

leech on a gold Erie Dearie.  Anybody else had any luck with these?

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Have not tried them but may do so.

I do remember getting a 100 on my report on leaches in high school.

I was the only person in my science class to get a 100 as I made my presentation funny and had live leaches.

The science teacher had to go back on active duty for a few months and the substitute gave me an "A" for the six-week report period as he had nothing to base anyone's grades on other than for our report grades in the grade book..

Only 100 I ever got in high school.

So those leaches may still bring me, and you, good luck.

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I am posting an update here as well.  Went to the pond again last evening and tried again. I was only there 45 minutes and I caught 2 crappies and 8 bass. Not to say other baits wouldn't have worked, but these sure were.

Again, my only real complaint is they are getting ripped up pretty easily. I probably lost 4 again last night. The thought has also occurred to me that I may be showing these fish something they haven't seen before. I think I will give the 5" leeches a try next.

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