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Bet I wish I would have lost  ~PICS~

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Last week I had a miserable day at a tournament getting smoked from the back of my boat. Mydogdamit had a great day that day and bet me lunch we could repeat his success. Matter of fact he made the rules. We would meet at his house at 5 a.m. and be offthe water at 11 a.m. We spent a couple hours on a good spot with no bites. He was getting a little worried and we made a move. Shortly after that I caught a good one 2 1/2 -3 then a 3- 3 1/2 minutes later a 3+ smallie here came a 5 and finally another 2 1/2 +. Noticing how fast they were coming I started getting nervous but happy to buy. Well that was the last fish for me and he blanked. Whew! I never wanted to buy lunch so bad but I had alot of fun. Mydogdamit just kept saying "I can't believe you schooled my on my home lake off my boat". We have been fishing together a long time and he knows if he puts me near em I will catch em. So I don't think he was surprised or disappointed. We have tons of fun fishing. We or I came close but he ended up one fry short of a happy meal. Sorry about the goofy faces and droopy shorts, It just got hot this week in Ohio and my summer clothes are still in a big tote box. Here they are!






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Nice LMs & GREAT smallie.

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