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Took me 3 Hours to figure em out today....

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I went out this morning, and started at daybreak tried senkos and a crank bait for a while nothing back in shallow canals (water temp 85 Ouch) worked my way out on the lake and hooked into something huge on a stike pro crank,  looks like a small myan chiclid, I think it was a big peacock bass but not sure it peeled off 50 feet of drag then the hook just released,  oh well.  I covered allot of water and still skunked, around 3 hours or so and the weather was deteriorating quickly.  Finnally I put a boohyah spinner bait on, and 2 cast later and I got 1 about a pound and a half or so, but when i got him to the boat he shook his head and the blade on the spinner bait went flying into the water, So I went with my next best bait A chatterbait.  Took 3 more casts BAM a nice 3 lber right near a ledge to 30 foot deep.  I was happy to catch a few it looked like rain was coming quick.  So I took my next cast parallel to the last cast along the same ledge,  and sure enough it was on, I have had bad experiences with bigger fish on chatterbaits so it took me a long time to bring this big girl in, finnaly she gave up, 6-15 on the digi.  Kinda long story but 3 fish in 4 hours, at least I got 1 big one.... Camera broke waiting to get it fixed sorry no pics  She was 23.5".  

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Sounds to me like it was well worth 4 hrs ;)...

                 As Ever,


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