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Ben W

The Pond Produces

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Not worried anymore after today! I originally set off to do some trout fishing today at a different pond where all there is are trout, but not even a bite with what I used to catch them on. There are always people there fishing for them and they keep every single trout they catch. I swear atleast 20 trout are taken from that pond daily. I think they might be gone so no more trout fishing :'(

Anyway, went to the pond where I have previously caught some bass, and for the first time caught more then one bass in a day 8-) Not big at all though. The biggest on the day was about 11.5 inches and a 1.3 pounds. I then caught two babies, both around 7 or 8 inches. Caught the bigger one and smaller one with a 5 inch watermelon cream colored Yum Dinger. (I alternated with Senkos and Dingers) I caught the other one with 5 inch watermelon/black flake senko. All worms were t-rigged. I picked up the dingers this past weekend to see how they would do. Watermelon was a winner today :P

Senkos: 3 Bass, 3 separate trips

Dingers: 2 Bass, 1 trip

Biggest today:



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Will do. I think I'll do a worm t-rigged, then if no bites wacky rig it, and if that doesn't work, change colors and do the same. It's helpful to have a variety of 3 or 4 colors.

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