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5 year old kicking butt.....

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Little story about my 5 yr old son. Have pic of him and one of Uncle Jabba with 6 lb bass, but do not know how to add b/c they are 160 KB JPEGs

Watch out KVD, there's a new boss on the water and he's the quickly becoming the CEO of the bass world. My son, Cole Ethan Orlick, is five years old and he's going to revolutionize the sport of bass fishing. From using fishing equipment that baffles the mind to thinking outside the box, he already out fishes me and his uncle. Not saying that my brother and I am professional fisherman, but we have been lucky enough to have been fishing for 30 plus years each. We took CEO out when he was three years old on the standard bluegill catch. It was a cold day, but he was able to get his first fish. He was so happy; he started jumping up and down. Did I mention that my brother and I got skunked that day? CEO started doing his victory dance because he caught more fish than Daddy and Uncle Jabba. Unfortunately for us, we did not know this was going to be a reoccurring theme.

My company moved to a new building last year and now lets the employees' fish in the rather large pond at the old building. It is perfect for getting kids excited about fishing. Throw a worm on the bottom (or with a bobber) and within 10 minutes you're at least pulling out a bullhead. I think everyone understands the short attention span that kids have and the constant action makes the hour or two fun for him. We have caught bullheads, carp, and largemouth bass out of the pond.

Last year, 4 years old, CEO got a Scooby Doo pole. Included were a plug, tackle box, plastic neddlenose, and a plastic compass that does not function. Let me repeat that - THE COMPASS DOES NOT FUNCTION. When we pull up to the work pond with two dozens nightcrawlers, CEO pulls out his SD compass and starts pointing where the fish are. He picks his spot and the line goes in the water on the bottom. Before Jabba and I could get our lines in the water, CEO's bell is ringing and his pole is bending. Bullhead within two minutes and he is already telling us he's winning. Bullhead after bullhead (with a 3 lb carp in the middle) CEO totals 14 fish. We had him kiss his first fish, but when he caught the carp he said "NO WAY! Jabba and I total 6 together. He kept telling us that his compass said there were no fish where we were fishing, but why would we listen to a 4 year old with a toy. I went to get the car and asked some others how they were doing on the other side of the pond. One guy said Not as well as your boy. We hear him every couple of minutes saying ' Daddy, I got another one.'" The victory dance was out and we were in disbelief. This happened two other times during the year and finally he offered to buy us our own Scooby Doo poles with a compass. We don't mind taking a beating because he is really starting to love fishing, but that victory dance is pushing it.

This past Wednesday (June 11th, 2008) takes the cake. Just CEO and I went out. He's now 5 yrs old and believes he knows everything there is about fishing. He said "first one to 4 fish wins." He pulls out his compass and of course within 20 minutes he is up 2 - 0. The second being his first bass ever weighing in at about 2 lbs. Huge smiles from the both of us after he reeled it in and I lipped it, and yes I definitely made him kiss that one. He had the guts to tell me Daddy, I'll make it fair. I won't use my Scooby Doo pole anymore. Give me my new Spiderman pole (from Christmas)." 2-1, 3-1, 3-2 and then the victory dance came out. 4-2 and he wants to go home. We packed up the gear and we decided I could fish by the weeds for 5 minutes. I put a Berkley Gulp Alive minnow about 2 feet under a bobber to see if I could entice something to come out.

Now pay attention KVD, here is why CEO is coming after you. After 10 minutes he says "you're never going to catch anything." I ask "why?" He says you have to spin your pole in a circle to make the bobber move around" as he is spinning my pole. Then he drags it back and forth. Now for the part that I still can't believe. As he starts tipping the pole towards the water, he saysDaddy you have to push the pole down so the bobber goes down." I turned to him and said you're not that good." Not 2 seconds later as I'm turning my head back around, BAM there goes the bobber and I'm setting the hook. SEE. I TOLD YOU!!! I TOLD YOU SO!!!" A few minutes later, as he still hasn't stopped gloating, I landed a 4 lb bass.

I have come to a conclusion: cartoon poles, plastic compasses that do not function, and pointing at you bobber by CEO can out fish any pro on the circuit. Luckily for CEO, the Illinois High School Association is starting Bass fishing as a state recognized sport this coming year. Yes, I know he only just graduated pre-school, but a State Title and then dethroning KVD and the rest of the pro's are something that a Father can dream about. So KVD, the next time you are in the Chicago area and want some real competition, give me and CEO a call. You'll shake your head in disbelief just like Uncle Jabba and I do every time out with CEO.

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That is amazing. I wish I had a scooby compass now.


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