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Wequaquet T 6/22 Barnstable MA

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What a great fishery! Though I would have argued that point at 11:30 AM yesturday. Had never been there before and all intentions of prefishing it but, never had the chance. The ramp area is something else nothing like having to walk a half a mile to park and local traffic sceaming by in between the convoy of trailers.T was from 7 to 2pm, water temp in the 74 to 77 range and wind started at 5mph moving up to 12 mph or so. Anyway, I struggled most of the day landing 3 pickerel over 4+ and another 3 around 2lbs,I AM THE PICKEREL KING! Having to retie 5 out of the 7 Pickerel wasn't a great way to start. On some advice I started out in the first big cove on the right (I think it's a boat club) trying to find all the grass coontail and weedlines I was told about. Found only one stretch of coontail about 30 yards long,all dying or dead. After 3 hours thouroughly covering that area I moved across the lake and found a weed line in 8' of water which produced 2 keepers around 1.5 11:30 I decided gas up and explore. Bearse cove is where I ended up and glad I did! After doing a quick buzz around inside scoping out potential area's to start I chose the entry channel into the cove. Skipped under a overhang BLAAAAAM, pig in the well.

it's now 12:30pm and have around 8lbs on 3 fish. Feeling the time slipping away, I started power and sight fishing in the shallows. Saw two LM in th 3+ range cruising up tight in a tiny very shallow cove and pitched 8' past them, swoooooooooosh gone spooked them both and thought to myself, IDIOT! I head in the same direction they were swimming and skipped up tight actually hitting the land and dragged it into the water,dead sticked it for 8 seconds wham 3+ second cast 10 seconds of the same technique blam another 3+ felling like I pro and knew what I was doing I moved to another small shallow cove and repeated the same ended up culling 3 times with 30 minutes to go. 1:45pm I was exhausted and decided to call it a day just happy with the way I finished not really knowing were it lead. My morning bite as of the last three T's has been horrible yet, this year has taught me to never give up and have been catchin-um in the last 2 hours of the T's. Last year I would have been flustered and trailered up second guessing myself all the way home. I finished in 2nd w/15.3 and lunker @ 5.07.My buddy Don (ANOTHER FRIGGIN SENKO SLINGER) :lol won it w/17.27. He jumped from 11th to 3rd place now with 32.87lb and within striking distance of me in 1st w/36.40 after 3 T's. All my fish were caught on the new craw setup and the only thing I've been using and it seems to be paying off. Congrats to Don on the win and I can't wait to get back here!

Here's are the current standings and yesturdays results.

For some reason or another I can't get the standings to stay in single file.They're aligned before I post. Sorry!

Covenrty Bass Anglers of RI

as of 6/23/08

DAVID ALVES 22.74---------------------------11th PAUL ARRIGHIE 36.40-----------------------------1st CHRIS BANG 19.15-----------------------------13th ROBERT BEAGAN 11.09---------------------16th

ADAM BENTLEY 8.38--------------------------19th

ART BENTLEY 3.41--------------------------22nd

DON BRUNELLE 32.87--------------------------------------3rd

JOE CASINELLI 12.74----------------------14th

GARY FARAGALLI 6.35-----------------------21st

STEVE GENUARIO 22.48-------------------12th

BOB HAMMOND 24.7------------------------7th

JIM HATZBERGER 6.5-----------------------20th

KEN HOWARD 28.95-----------------------------------------5th

JOHN HUDSON 24.28-----------------------8th

ANDY MACCOLL 10.78---------------------18th

BRYAN MAYO 23.47------------------------9th

CHRIS MOORE 26.5-------------------------6th

RICK MOORE 11.08--------------------------17th

MIKE O'LEARY 23.41-----------------------10th

RAY PASQUARELLI 34.23---------------------------------2nd

JERRY SABATELLI 29.51----------------------------------4th

JOE ANDRUKIEWICZ 12.7----------------15th

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