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Ledgebuster Spinnerbait

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I need some help on the proper use of the Ledgebuster Spinnerbait in an ultra clear water reservoir like Bull Shoals. I have never caught a fish on a spinnerbait but then I have just started using one over the last couple of months. I want to learn to use the Ledgebuster also but in all honesty as I said I have not managed to catch a fish yet on any spinnerbait. HELP!!!

I have read, taken pointers from a local pro, thrown three different colors of spinnerbaits that several local guides all agree are the most consistently productive on Bull Shoals for hours under the conditions and in the locations both the books and pros said are good for the use of spinners but so far ZIP! Any suggestions. I'm getting cranky . I know they work so I must be doing something wrong. :-? I'm not giving up by a long shot I am just trying to figure out the ins and outs of this new to me technique and if I am doing something wrong. :-[

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If I remember correctly those are deeper running spinnerbaits, I recommend just fishing them like you would any other spinnerbait but trying to locate some sort of Bass holding cover and work them around it. Good Luck.

BTW, dont give up on spinnerbaits.. with me when I learned crankbaits, spinners, etc etc I had to tie them on and never take them off until I started catching fish. Sooner or later you will get the hang of it and build the most important thing, confidence.

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