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trip with donbeatya

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Hey guys me and donbeatya headed out this morning to try our luck again. we got on the water about 7am and started fishing. water temp when we started was 45 degrees and warmed up to about 55 degrees later in the day. we thought we would have a better day than we did but that didnt happen. we fished points, brush, ledges everything. Mike managed to catch 5 white bass and one wiper i belive its called. its a mix between striper and white bass so they say on tv. Mike caught all his on a strke king sexy shad series 3-4 crankbaits along rock walls and points. I on the other hand only managed to catch one smallie on a green pumpkin tube on a point. So that was our trip for sunday. it was really fun even though we didnt catch many real bass. on the other hand we did see some cool stuff today. we drove up to a island in the middle of the lake and there was a ram on it. just chilling on the bank. so dontbeatya wants me to take a picture and i get up on the front deck and he beaches the boat right in front of this thing as its grunting and stomping its feet. i thought it was going to jump in the boat i snapped a pic and we took off. saw 4 deer also. so all in all it was a good day. dontbeatya is going to add the pics later.

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haha ya my day probably would have ended pretty bad lol.

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