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Lake Guntersville

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Fished on Guntersville from 4/4/09 - 4/9/09.

Arrived at the lake in the afternoon on 4/4 and after checking in at the state park cabins, hit the lake.  Fished the cove next to the airport runway and my partner and I caught 14 in the few hours that we fished.  Biggest was about 3 1/2 lbs.  My partner lost a nice fish at the boat that would have been easily 7lbs.  Not bad for a few hours the first time we had ever seen the lake.  

On Sunday 4/5, we fished all day in same cove and caught 57 with the biggest just over 4lbs.  No big fish, but a ton of solid 3-4lb. class all day.

Monday 4/6 was a very cold and windy day.  We finally went out at about 3:30 PM after the main part of the rain had passed, but the wind was still fierce.  We ended up on a hump across from the Waterfront ramp and caught 8 solid fish despite the wind beating on us and a very short day.  All of the fish were over 3 lbs. with the biggest around 4 lbs.

Tuesday on 4/7 it was COLD and was spitting snow on us all day.  I was surprised that even with the water temps falling almost 10 degrees since Sunday, the fish were still up really shallow.  We started on the hump again and fished the nearby bank next to a church camp.  Caught another 17 nice fish with the biggest at 5-12 and many over 4 lbs.

Wednesday on 4/8 it was much warmer and the fishing was still good even with the bluebird skies and windy conditions.  We ended the day with 33 more fish including a double hookup with my fish at 5-7 and my partners at 5-5.  That was fun trying to get both those fish in the boat at the same time.  We also had a lot of fish over 4 lbs. that day as well.

Thursday was our last day and we ended up with 25 more fish with the biggest at 5 lbs.  The fishing was very slow most of the day, but finally picked up when we got on some large baitfish schools and feeding bass.

We only used a few baits.  The nice weather and lack of wind on some days would not provide a lipless or crankbait bite.  We ended up catching our fish those days on Spot Remover jigeads with Netbait Tmac worms in Summer Craw.  The fish were killing this color worm and we went through several bags of them.  Weightless 5" Senkos in Green Pumpkin/Watermelon laminate also worked well.

When the water temps dropped and the wind picked up, the lipless bite picked up and we caught a lot of fish on 1/2 oz. Redeye Shads and Norman Thin N's in sexy shad colors.

I also caught one of my big fish in a SPRO BBZ Shad in Sexy Lavende Shad.

As for depth, none of our fish were deeper than 5' and all of them came off banks or humps with sparse grass.

We will be back next year!

You better plan on coming as well deadeye!


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Thats sounds like an awsome trip.  I would have paid money to see you guys with that double you had.  I hope to be there next year for sure.

Also, you should have seen Waveland this weekend.  There were so many boats out there it was rediculous.  

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