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Over the top on the Susky

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I fished with a couple of NJ boys this weekend and what a trip it turned out to be!! Saturday we got started around 9, started with the jig,spinner bait, and jerk bait but it didn't take long to figure out what to throw for the rest of the weekend......... JERKBAIT TIME!!! we proceeded to boat a total of 93 fish for the day which was sunny at times, water temp 52-54, ever so slightly stained and the start of a long weekend of well deserved at times ribbing. 4 PB and Js pack of smokes 4 cokes 3 red bull, a can of skoal and lots of KVD quotes from my boy Nick.

Day 2

Met the guys at the Guest House around 7:30 and found them sun burned, pumped up and already refining their tackle for the day to come. On the water by 8 we made a short run to a spot that usually holds big fish but it didn't happen today so we drifted down to a bluff and put over 70 fish in the boat by 10 am. At the end of the bluff we drifted onto a flat with 2 foot of water on it and pulled at least another 30 fish off that one spot. We fished some more areas and continued to catch fish in just about every hole and then took a run up river. We got into some better quality fish there and brought our total up to around 109 or so and Nick proceeded to ask me what the record amount of fish was, I said around 115 I think and he was on a mission. It didn't take long to beat it and I decided to make a run to a hole where I new we could shatter it so we took off. About 30 seconds after getting on plane, my brand new Evinrude blew up,

thats right blew up [smilie=blowup.gif] After quite a few expletives we started floating back down river, since that was the only option. After getting over my disbelief I picked up my rod and said , well we might as well fish. About a 2 hr float turned out to be just the ticket for completely putting a new record in the never to be beaten category. 202 fish for the day!! Water temp 54.5, clear, sunny all day, no wind. 6 PB and J's, 4 cokes, 4 red bulls 2 packs of smokes and another after the motor incident, can of skoal, 2 butterscotch snack packs, a couple of granola bars and a power aid.  I have to say even with the catastrophic motor loss I had a frigging blast. Ryan and Nick put a hurting on the Susky this weekend and I really enjoyed the banter.... Good times, here's some fish and fun......


And for the best 2 fish of the day, another of many doubles and triples..............


Oh and by the way, my team player, unbelievable wife left a 4pm today for Missouri so the dealer can put a brand spankin new white 225 E-TEC on the boat... I'll have her back by Wednesday, PROBLEM SOLVED!!!! I'll be fishing tomorrow out of my cousins 16 foot sea nymph, life moves on.

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