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Cold Front - Help!!!

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Well, I slammed the bass last sunday, and after monday being rainy and cold, it seems the water temperature dropped, I could feel it today.. Water clarity was pretty darn muddy, I tryed fishing a firetiger single colorado blade spinnerbait, a chart/black crank, a black buzzbait, a black/blue jig, and a black/blue tube, all with no success. Pitched the tube/jig in laydowns and lillys, but nada. Swam the spinnerbait/crank/buzzbait around lillys and all sort of cover, nada...

They just didn't seem to bite. I don't think anyone caught a bass today at the lake I fished, (a few trout/cats were caught). What do you do when a cold front comes? Is there any specific techniques that you use for a cold front?...cause I could use em!

I think I should have tryed maybe a shakyhead rig with a small finesse worm, or a real small profile bait, to give off a finesse presentation, but other then that, I don't see what I coulda done. Do the bass just not want to chase at all during a cold front? So spinnerbaits and cranks are not a good choice?

Please help!

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Before and during cold front fishing is fine.

Bass and other fish will feed before and during the passing of the front.

After front passes the bass will be tight lipped and extremely hard to catch.

What you experienced is normal. We all experienced it.  :)

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I kinda like fronts now! I pitch/flip t-rigged soft plastics right on top of there nose! Gets em every time, well.........almost!!!

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