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Muad Dib

Had an awesome day!

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Had an Awesome day today. Its been a two weeks since the purchase of my new 12 ft kl boat, installation of a trailer hitch on my honda and installation the thule roof rack from hell on my car, buying a shimano curado and citica, a shimano crucial, learning how to use a baitcaster(4 weeks), and trying to x off a few goals in the process of catching fish pitching with a 3/8oz All Terrain grassmaster jig and paca craw. Sooooo Went out today solo and had an awesome time. Started off at 6 am. was out untill 3 pm. ya i have an addiction/obsession/problems some would say. got on the water and started off pitching a jig and tossing a crankbait. missed a strike with the jig at 7:05 am.  >:( actually had a 4lber on that i thought i hooked under a boat dock then he just came off. its been happening so much recently. guess its cause the jigs are bigger compared to 1/4 oz and they really need to be set hard. so after the quick release i  then worked a rockledge with the sexy shad series 3 crank and put the first fish in the boat. 2 lbs 1 ounce. YA BABY. tossed her back and skunk was off. did a half a lap around the lake and went to a a sunkin dock missed a hit or what i thought was a hit and started working the opposite shady side of the dock. pitched the jig over the under water dock edge and thought i felt a tap then slack. so i reeled in the slack and slammed the hook. IMMMMMMEdiately i new it was a lil piggy. i was worried she was gonna come off cause ive been having hookin setting issues as of late. with some awesome headshakes and some last minute dives i lipped her in the boat and was PUMMMMPED ;D weighed her out quick at 5lbs even. i took some video of the momma with my cell as i released her. i was pumped but i didnt want the other bassers to know what was going on.  8-) i think they had a hint when i was hollering. was lucky enough to find another sunkin dock and hooked a 3 lber 8 oz that was half dolphin the way it was jumpn. managed two small guys at 2 lbs even each and the days total came to 14lbs 7 oz. thats my best 5 fish total ;D. well now with all the sun burn and exhaustion im gonna pass out and do it all over tomorrow!


The boat and the ride-F.U.V. Fishing Utility Vehicle!


the 5lber!


link to the 5lber release video!


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You bet T rig, an FUV all the way and you make us proud.... ;) Big O Fatty too, for your effort, don't get much better than that Man.

Big O


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