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A great week on the Susky

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I haven't had much time to post reports this past week as I have been on the water every day and will continue to be for the next couple of weeks. Mike B and I continued to stick big numbers of fat smallies for the next 2 days after my here pig pig post and just about froze on his last day with a wind chill that felt like 20 degrees. I sent him on his way with a big smile and a request for 3 more days in the fall.


Jeff and his 2 buddies fished a half day with me on Friday. With a drastic weather change from cold and cloudy to hot and blue bird skies we got over 60 with a bunch of chunks boated between the major ribbing and cold Rolling Rocks.


Saturday I fished with Phil and his dad Joe. It was a little slow and we had to work at it but I think we ended up with a little over 70 and by the end of the day they had their jerkbait technique down solid. they stayed over and fished the private lake and Phil's dad got a 4 pounder but was stuck in the row boat by himself with no camera so I don't have a pic.


Sunday I had a half day on the lake with Frank V and his 2 sons and caught some nice greenies all in the 2 pound range, the bucks are in and busy building beds, I expect the females shortly!! We fished the river the Monday and had over 70. the males on the river were all over the place but super skittish and not committed to the nest yet.


Today I fished with Lisa, a Vet from Connecticut,  we landed well over 80 and lets just say the boys have gotten comfortable with their environment and I expect the girls to follow soon!!


I got my boat back in time to fish Thursday and so far the new E-Tec is solid and quite the improvement on the 150. I had a little panic attack when I heard a loud knocking while getting on plane after leaving a shallow area on Sunday but it turned out to be my transducer slapping the transom, no more blown motors, phew!! Day 2 with Lisa in the morning so it's time for bed. I'll try to report tomorrow night, should be interesting..... come on ladies!!

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WOw looks like a great day.  I was going to go out on the Delaware smallie fishing but there is a lot of shad guys out there.  Were you fishing flukes?  

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