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2009 looks to be a good year for big bass!

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Went back out yesterday and on the very first cast caught a nice 4lbs 10oz LMB. Then I moved to another location and on the second cast caught a nice 5lbs 02oz LMB. I ended up catching 14 bass yesterday. My biggest 5 weighed bass totaled 16lbs 01 oz. I had to leave early because the wind was ridiculous, 20-24 with gust up to 30 mph. Here are the pictures of the two bass. I'm sorry the pictures didn't come out good, it was very windy and I was alone and the camera wouldn't focus. All bass were caught shallow and on the wacky worm.

I forgot to mention that I believe that I had caught the Four pound bass last year and he only weigh 4lbs 01oz so he gained 9 oz. I know this because when I caught him last year I had unfortunately hooked him real bad and actually ripped one of his gills out on one end when I set the hook, not when removed it. The whole gill was hanging down and bleeding real bad. I almost took him home but instead I set him in the water revived him and he ripped out of my hands. I kind of felt bad because I thought he was a goner and I wasted him by not eating him. Well the four pound bass I caught yesterday had one of his gills hanging out and it was totally disconnected at one end and it was completely healed. It goes to show that they can survive some severe wounds.

The 5 pound bass:



The lucky first cast 4 pound bass:


I tried to capture the wind but looks like I didn't. There were big white caps out there. I was in the lee when I took these, the wind was chasing me I couldn't get away from it. >:(









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Nice fish! The bass are biting nice in the north this year.

I love the pictures, thats some real pretty water.

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that looks nice it looks like you were the only one out there. nice fish.

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