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Well, I hope this past weekend is a preview to my fishing success this tournament season at Prince Gallitzin State Park in Central, PA.  Started out fishing for 3 hours friday night and caught three keeper LM mostly on 4" YUM tube (smoke/red flake) and a suspending jerk bait.  

  Went out on the boat Saturday with a friend to target some crappie.  We found the crappie but also caught several keeper bass in the rocks on a 1/16oz red and white shad dart.  Fished for approximately 9 hours and caught close to 70 fish.

 Went back out Monday and fished from shore for more crappie.  Caught close to 100 crappie but only a couple were in the 10in range.  Caught one that was probably close to 15 inches which is excellent for my area.  

Has anyone ever used a 1/16 oz shad dart for bass??   Seemed to be productive but not sure if it is just because of the time of year.  

Sorry, no pictures at this time because my partner's cell phone died and I forgot mine in my truck.  

Oh yea.......and I got stopped by the fish commission because my stickers showed expired march 31, 2009.  I showed him the paper saying I renewed them online.   He then cited me for not having a coast guard approved fire extinguisher.....(that I bought at a local boat shop not 6 days prior)      The trip was definetely worth the $20 fine!

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Well that day was not boring to say the least. It sounds like that officer just was upset he was proven wrong then needed to find a reason to fine you. I don't like those guys!

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I know that fish commission "carp nazi" was very rude.   I really try to treat everyone like that with respect.  I'm a police officer and know what it's like to be treated like crap on a regular basis.   First off when he motored up to my boat, he nearly knocked my front fishfinder off.  He slammed into my boat really hard.    Then he just was so disrespectful.......After he cited me, I saw two boats doing donuts around each other, a guy drinking a can of coors light when I drove by him, and two boats go under a bridge at full speed that was marked "no wake."   I really think that they should be focusing on the weekend boaters that are going to hurt someone and not a local angler that spends most of their time going 3mph with trolling motor......

Oh well       I am refusing to buy a new extinguisher so this may be a very expensive year fishing.......he told me as we were leaving....." I better not see you out here again with that extinguisher or there will be problems."    I just shook my head and pulled away!

Anyone ever have problems like that?

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