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Good way to end the day/Thankful for trailer hooks

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Well I went to the lake pretty early yesterday. Started throwing my newly acquired Manns Classic Twin Spin 1/2 ounce Spinnerbait. After about 6 casts a gust of wind came in and that Spinnerbait ended up high in a tree. :'(

However I went to another spot and while I was throwing a Chigger Craw,I hooked up with a strand of old Fishing line. Attached to the end was a Willow Leaf Strike King Spinnerbait(Minus the skirt) So All is not lost at this point.

It wasnt too productive of a day,I boated 6 over the course of 9 hours on the water. The wind was wreaking havoc on my little Jon boat,sending me drifting ,even when I was anchored front and rear.

It was just starting to get dark and I didnt have all my senses adjusted correctly,when I hooked into the best fish of the day. Not a trophy,but made it that much easier to go home with a smile on my face.Afterall I had lost a Mattlures Bluegill on a snag on the bottom,and A Mattlures Trout because my reel backlashed and the line snapped( Again :'( .) I totally believe in Trailer hooks as this fish was caught on That hook only while throwing a 1/4 ounce Trickster Spinnerbait. Is it me or does this fish look a little thin? Perhaps a Spawned out female?


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