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Inconsiderate people with funny story

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So went out this weekend. Had a pretty good outing on Saturday. Went fishing with the wife. We caught about 10 fish in 2 hours. Will post pictures once I run home for lunch.

So bout the story, was anchored at a dock in my little two person jon boat and a guy in a bass boat I notice creeping up the rip-wrap toward the dock. Not a big deal. I was watching him as he motored closer and he threw right into the dock exactly where I was pitching a jig. Thank gosh the wife was there or we would have had something ugly. I politely asked if he could give us some room. It took about five "What's" from this guy to understand that I was telling him to move along. As he motored past him and his partner were chuckling at me.

So he motors past and hits the other side of the dock. Oh I lost it! I grabbed my 1 oz crank bait with 40lb braid and hucked it over his line. He didn't notice it and I caught his line and he set the hook into my lure and I set the hook even harder and yanked his pole out of his hands. As I reeled his pole in I asked, "Ya lose something?" He motored over and I gave it back. I couldn't stop from laughing and smiling as he motored away.



Edited** Added Photos

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Why T's get so much bad publisity! A few make the many look like jerks.

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