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Muad Dib

Took 1st place in a make believe paper tournament! ha

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haha so heres the lowww down.  i was fishing a new spot in my area friday night with my buddy mr. fishsticks. so we were catching tons of dinks left and right which was still reallly fun. but we thought maybe we should go to our honey hole lake today for some real action. weve been fishing it so much lately weve felt comfortable in our skills and what we were able to catch. after becomming the fishing fanatics that we are and always thinking about doing a real tournament we decided to make up our own weight that we had to "beat" to win the tournament. even though it was an imaginery tournament it made the idea of fishing today a lot more exciting so we had the idea of writing down various weights from 12lbs to 17lbs for a 5 fish best. after ripping up all the pieces of paper with the various numbers on them we through them in a hat. being that my pb 5 fish is 17lbs i was obviously hopin for a low number. i pulled 16! haha. i thought we were doen for....we fished all day and we were focused and were fishing as though we were in a real tournament. so long story short. after catching a few small 2 lbers i felt good about getting the skunk off.  we filled a limit of 5 and now we could cull. just the idea of being in a tournament was fun.  we were marking weights and then releasing the fish. with an hour left we realized we were a lb off. we would have to catch a fish weighing 3-3 or more to cull our smallest and get over the 16lb goal. within minutes of realizing what size fish we needed i felt a tap on my carolina rigged brush hog and slammed the hook home. my line ziipped through the water and the acrobat was flying all over the place. when my net man landed him we were pumped that he was THE fish. when i weighed him out it only said 2-9! we both said thats not right so i turned of the scale and re zeroed it. weighed him again and it came out 3-4! it was awesome knowing that we beat our goal and Won the tourny hahaha. 15 minutes later i caught a 3-7 to set the day at 16lbs 11oz for 5. what an awesome day. anyone ever do that for fun? hopefully next time ill put the 12lb weight :D

t ;D

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    Cool idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I might have to try that to make my fishing more fun.

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we thought it would be fun and it was. its easier to do as a team to make it more fun. my partner aka. mr fishsticks lost a 4lber that coulda made or lost the tourny and ill  be roastin him for a while on that one ;D

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