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New Pond with Lilly Pads

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Hey, I was fishing this new pond today that is fairly large compared to what I'm used to. It has a lot of little clumps of lilly pads and a few logs out in the middle. I would always fish around these, but no luck at all. I was sure that this was where the bass would be but I didn't catch any. The other ponds I have been to haven't had lilly pads so I don't really know anything about them. Is there a different bait or different way to fish around them? Thanks

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Hey man, you could try any of the frogs on the market. I have been doing alright on the Zoom horny toads and Spros here lately. A buzzbait tends to pull them out pretty good, too. Good luck though. What part of LA you fishing in?

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I go through there every couple of weeks heading and coming home from work. I live about an hour NE near Tylertown. Good luck in the pads.

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Try a pink or white trick worm in and around the pads using a spinning rig with 6-pound flouro line and a weedless hook.  No weight.  Throw over, into and around the pads and work it like a snake on the top of the water.

Weedless hooks are the secret for this presentation.

Buzzbaits in the pads and all around them.  White in sun and early AM, black on cloudy days and late PM.

Shallow running Shad Rap if there is any open water.

Chatterbaits may work.

Spinnerbaits may produce strikes.

How about a jig and pig?  Louisiana crawfish are dark brown or almost black with a little red in their claws at this time so try to use a blue/black jig and pig combo.  You may want to use a baitcaster for the jig and pig presentation.

Always bring pliers to remove the hooks.

Senkos, wacky or Texas rigged; Zoom finesse worms with a 1/8 ounce pegged bullet weight on a spinning rig.

Use scent on all plastics.

Use the lightest line you can, 6-pound flouro is excellent on a spinning rig.

You can use a Fast-Lock Snap to change baits fast.

Use a swivel when fishing spinning baits, like a Rooster Tail.  Yes, give a Rooster Tail a try.  Tackle shops have them or you can go to Denham Springs to the BPS store.

If your line twists on a spinning rig, DO NOT OPEN THE BAIL TO REMOVE IT.  Keep bail closed, loosen the drag, and pull the line off the reel.  This stops the line from popping off the reel and also getting all tangled.  Then, using pressure with your hand, reel line back onto spool tightly after you readjust the drag.

Always check the drag on all reels during the day to make sure they are proper for your bait and presentation.

The fun is trying to find what the fish want to bite.  :)

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By the way, bass may be towards shoreline.

If you can find any dropoffs or structure under the water near the shore you may find the bass.  ;)

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I forgot the shaky head.

Throw a shaky head.

Always throw a shaky head presentation no matter where you fish.

Use trick worm or a shaky head worm on a shaky head jig head.

Forgetting to tell you to use a shaky head is like going to Tiger Stadium and forgetting the adult beverages.  A disaster.  :D   :D   :D

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