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its been a while........but oh was it fun

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hey guys its been a long time since i have gone fishing and an even longer time since i have posted anything to be proud of.  just looked over the last couple of pages of outing threads and seems like you guys are slaying some bass out there.  ok so i had a soccer game this past saturday right near where the golf course lake is located, so after the game i couldn't resist stopping by for a good half hour just to wet my line and see if i could catch one.  i started out with a jig for about twenty or thirty casts until my line notted up on.................which made me extremely mad (i told you i hadn't gotten out in a while my line had the worst memory). so i switched to my new bait that hadn't gotten much action despite the time of year and the amazing quality of the bait. the mattlure hardbait bluegill.  i hadn't gotten a hit on this thing yet so i was excited to use it.  so i tossed the thing up next to the shore close to some good structure and a bed that i couldn't see anything on.  let it sing a good 2 seconds.............gave it two suttle twitches...............BAM the bass comes out of the water on the strike. i hold on. good 2 minutes later i land the beauty of a fish. not the biggest ever but a solid 4.5 to 5 lber. it was great to get back on the lake again and catch one on a different bait. Hope you guys keep catchin em!


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Congrats on a nice fish and hope you keep catching em :)

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congrats on a nice outing.  glad to hear you're o.k.  it had been so long i thought you mighta gotten married or something. ;)

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