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OMG...what a day!

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My 1st time out this very year for bass and it's one I'll remember.

Got out on my local lake with my two bro-in-laws. Only minutes after we lauched, we heard this huge boom from a distance. We joked about it that someone blew something big.

Anyways, we fished for about 2 hrs only. I had a few missed strikes. Landed one decent largemouth and nice northern pike. I lost a PIG largemouth! I saw that sucker came out and inhaled my Booyah spinnerbait. Had it at boat side and it came loose! AHHHHH!

Headed back to the boat landing and noticed there were police cars, fire trucks, ambulances nearby. Then it hit me...that loud boom we heard earlier was indeed of an accident.

I got back to my truck and back my truck right into a post and smashed my diver side tail light...not to mention a nasty scratch on the corner as well. OMG...my new truck! :o

Hooked up the boat and drove by the accident to check the scene out. A SUV plowed into another car and went over the guard rail into the lake we were fishing. I just found out the man in that SUV had died.

What a f'ed up day it turned out. I lost what could be my biggest bass of the season, smashed my new truck in, and someone died nearby.


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