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pa mountain man

always a good time

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I finally got my schedule worked so I could get a trip in with a friend I haven't seen in 2 years.

We hit the lake in the evening, and didn't do too bad, I really don't remember the fish we caught, we were having a good time catching up, then off in the distance, we hear "TOBY! you're done, I'm over it!" over and over, we figured we would see some kid getting his rear smacked, but when we got to the end of the cove, we see a guy laying on the bank with a case of empties around him, and a dog licking his face. ;D We could have robbed that moron blind, and he wouldn't be none the wiser, we fed his dog a couple of sandwiches, and went on our way.

About midnight, my buddy said he had a snag, then I hear his drag screaming, after a 45 minute battle on 8 lb. test with no leader, we netted a 38" muskie, it was his first. About 2 a.m., it went dead, I think we were the only boat on the lake, 20 minutes of silence was broken by this noise that sounded like a dying duck/elephant trumpet, then my buddy said,"Must have been that bean I ate." which ended up with me rolling on the deck for 10 minutes.

I guess sometimes its not about the fish, but about the fishing.

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