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Fishing has been wicked slow/off last couple of weeks?

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The fishing around here has dropped off the last couple of weeks. I had better fishing a couple of days after ICE OUT than now. A good day lately is about 15 fish a day with maybe one good bite.

I've tried just about everything I have, fished shallow, fished deep and still just can't find a consistent bite. The only thing that has kinda worked for me is fishing 4-5 ft. weed edges using a 1/2 oz football jig with Rage craw trailers. I have caught a few smallies on their beds, but the beds have been few and far between. Water temp is right around 70 degrees, should be a lot more beds.

The fishing is usually smokin right now, but we have been getting some crazy weather systems coming through lately and lots of high winds. Guess I'll have to keep at it!

4lbs 07oz. Black 1/2 football jig with an okeechobee colored craw caught in 5 1/2 feet of water on outer weed edge.



3lbs 08oz same jig caught in 6 foot of water on outer weed edge.


2lbs 130z 1/2 football jig can't rember colors for the jig or craw. Caught off from a bed.




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Some awesome pics.

A few hundred miles south it has been typical southern New England style. Sunny day, warmer days are great, but tough for big fish. But cloudy days or ones with cold mornings are tough . A real rat fest for the most part too. 11-14" fish by the dozen.

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    Great fish!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you catch many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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