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Jig Virgin No Longer and More!

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After nearly five seasons of fishing and never having been able to catch my first bass of any kind on a jig. Yep! I am so glad that I got that monkey off of my back.  I caught a smallie and felt the take.  Even though this was my first bass caught on a jig, I have always pictured and envisioned this moment.  Instinct took over and I set the hook and brought the bass home.

It was a fair smallie, maybe 1.5 lbs, but it was a first.  I was pretty stoked and did a couple of fist pumps and placed it back into the water before I realized I forgot to take a picture. Doh!!!!!

Oh well.  I felt a few more nibbles a couple of other times but was unsuccessful at sealing the deal.

Then I switched it up to the drop shot technique, one that I am fairly comfortable with and moved to another spot.  I casted it out and bam!  I knew it was a good one.  After a nice battle with a few runs, the smallie was still quite feisty when I brought it to shore.

I am calling it my personal best because I have never cared to hold such a statistic, until now.

So two bass in about an hour's time, with a handful of misses isn't too shabby.


Conditions: Approaching Low Pressure, Cloudy and some rain.

Setups (trunk rods):

Shimano Compre Spinning Rod, Rapala 6Sxi, 6# Cajun FC line, Local Plastic Worm

Shimano Clarus Casting Rod, Curado 101D, 10# Sufix Siege, 3/16 oz gammy football jig and Sweet Beaver.

I also used one of Gman's jigs but just couldn't convert from nibble to hook set a few times.


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outstanding.   :)

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    Great fish!!!!!!!!!!

    Hopefully after this weekend I will have my first jig fish too!!!!!!!

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