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Fishing in the wind

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We got started at daylight today on the local lake here in S.Arkansas.  It was glasses but the fish weren't having anything to do with the topwater baits.  Buddy caught one on a chug bug.  As the day went on the wind got worse and worse but the fishing got better.  We were finding them on the windy banks with the C-rig.  All said and done I had 10 and my buddy had 4.  He made a lota swings though that didn't catch anything.  The lake has a big tourn. on it come Saturday and it was really busy out there today.  Amazing how rude some of those guys can be.  We got cut off several times.  Too bad today wasn't tourn. day.  I had one 4lber and my buddy had one 3.5lber.  We had around 12lbs or so.  The wind brought the fish once again.  

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Everything you mentioned sounds on the money to me....glass conditions with less than desirable topwater bite, the wind bringing a better bite on winded shorelines and rude folks on the water.....too bad about the last one there but sounds like you guys made the best of things  

Big O


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